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Professional and tailored grooming services designed to meet their individual needs.

About Bathward Bound Dog Grooming

One to One Service

Your dog will receive a one to one service with the same groomer for all stages of their groom. Ensuring they get to know their groomer and vice versa.

Dog Profile

Experienced & Knowledgable

8 years of grooming experience and a first class degree in animal behavious & welare, so you can leave your dog(s) at the salon in confidence that they will be well cared for.

First Aid Trained

Trained in canine first aid to give you that extra reassurance when dropping your dog off for a groom.


Different packages to tailor to your dog's individual needs

Bath & Blow Dry

Includes thorough double shampoo, conditioning soak, blow dry, nail clip & small tidy followed by a finishing spritz of cologne.

Full Groom
Nail Clip

Everything that's included in the bath & blow dry package plus a thorough brush to remove loose and dead undercoat or full clip and trim to desired style (dependent on coat type and condition).

If a simple nail trim is what you need, whether you groom your own dog and don't want to risk clipping too close or your dog's nails grow fast and you're between grooms, you're welcome to book a nail clip.

Puppy Package
Spa Package

Great for young puppies aged between 12 weeks old - 4 months old. This package includes 3 sessions a week apart to get your pup acclimatised and familiar with us and the grooming process. A real must for those wooly poodle x coats that require that extra bit of attention.

The first session is just a get to know session 

Secondly they will come for a little bath & blow dry 

Lastly they will come in for their first full groom.

A bath and low dry with a difference, as well as a shampoo they will receive a massage and soak in our mud mask which is great for itchy skin and shedding short coats. Additionally they’ll receive a paw massage with healing and moisturising baw balm. Also included is an ear clean if needed, nail clip and finishing fragrance spritz. 

Grooming Gallery

Contact Us


37 High Street, Bargoed, CF81 8RB, United Kingdom

(Located inside Barking Barbers)


Phone/text - 07891796789

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